【pg电子游戏官网】SpaceX founder Elon Musk said hes planning a private space mission to transport two paying passengers around the Moon late next year.SpaceX创始人埃隆·马斯克日前回应自己正在筹划一项私人航天任务,于2018年年底配备两名收费乘客展开绕行月飞行中。Musk said SpaceX was approached by two private individuals who know one another, but whom he did not identify.马斯克回应,两位个人乘客寻找了SpaceX,这两人相互了解,但马斯克未透漏其身份。

SpaceX provided additional details on its website, noting that the two passengers have already paid a significant deposit and will undergo initial training later this year.SpaceX官网获取了更好细节,称之为这两名乘客已交付给一大笔押金,并将于今年年底拒绝接受可行性训练。The trip around the Moon will take about one week: it will skim the surface of the Moon, go further out into deep space and loop back to Earth – approximatpg电子游戏官网ely 300,000 to 400,000 miles.绕行月飞行中将耗时大约一周:飞船将从月球表面卡西尼号而过,更进一步了解外太空,然后飞到地球–飞行中里程大约为30万至40万英里(大约48万至64万公里)。I think theres a market for one or two of these per year, Musk said, estimating that space tourist fares charged by SpaceX could eventually contribute 10% to 20% of the companys revenue.马斯克说:我指出此类市场需求为每年一两次。


他估算SpaceX缴纳的太空旅行费用或将最后贡献10%-20%的公司营收。Next year is going to be a big year for carrying people to the space station, Musk said.此外,马斯克还回应,明年将是人类太空旅行的大年。【pg电子游戏官网】。